(Section 11(3))

Serial Number         Description of Goods

1                                     2

1.         Motor vehicles of all kinds, aeroplanes, helicopters or any other type of flying machine, parts and accessories thereof including tyres, tubes and flaps.

2.         Articles of food and drinks, including cakes, biscuits and confectionery; ready to serve foods; processed or semiprocessed or semi-cooked food-stuffs; fruits, fruit and vegetable products sold in any kind of sealed containers; dressed chicken, meat, fish, prawns, shrimps and lobsters sold in any kind of sealed containers; aerated water, including soft drinks; sweets and sweet meats; instant mixes; soft drink concentrates; spice powders, pastes and the like; tobacco and tobacco products.

3.         All electrical or electronic goods and appliances including air conditioners, air coolers, telephones, fax machines, duplicating machines, photocopiers and scanners, parts and accessories thereof, other than those for use in the manufacture, processing, packing or storing of goods for sale and those for use in computing, issuing tax invoice or sale bills, security and storing information.

4.         Textiles, crockery, cutlery, carpets, paintings and artifacts.

5.         Furniture including slotted angles and ready to assemble parts of furniture, stationery articles including paper, sanitary fittings, cement and other construction materials including bricks, timber, wood, glass, mirrors, roofing materials, stones, tiles and paints, toilet articles.