6. Returns

(1) Every employer registered under this shall furnish to the prescribed authority a return in such form, for such periods and by such dates as may be prescribed showing therein the salaries and wages paid by him and the amount of tax deducted by him in respect thereof.

Provided that the Commissioner may, subject to such terms and conditions, if any, as may be prescribed, permit any employer to furnish a consolidated return relating to all or any of the places of business of such employer in the State, for such period or periods, to such authority , as he may direct.

(2) Every such return shall be accompanies by a treasury challan in proof of payment of full amount of tax due according to the return, and a return without such proof of payment shall not be deemed to have been duly filed.

(3) Where an employer has failed to file such return within the prescribed time, he shall pay, by way of a late fee, an amount of rupees one thousand before filing of the said return.  This amount shall be in addition to the amount payable, if any, as per the return.

Provided that if the state government is satisfied that it is necessary so to do in the public interest it may from time to time by notification published in the official gazette exempt the whole or any part of the late fee payable under this sub-section by such class or classes om employers for such period or periods either prospectively or retrospectively as may be specified in such notification.

(4) Any employer liable to file return, having furnished a return,-

(a) discovers any omission or incorrect statement therein, may furnish, a revised return in respect of the period covered by the return, at any time before a notice for assessment is served on him in respect of the period covered by the said return or before the expiry of a period of six months from the end of the year to which such return relates, whoever is earlier;

(b) agrees with the findings contained in any intimation received by him as a result of,-

(i) audit under section 7A; or

(ii) inspection under section 18,

Then he may furnish a revised return as per the findings of audit or, as the case may be, inspection within thirty days from the date of receipt of such intimation.