Re-opening of Accounts on Court’s or Tribunal’s Orders                                                                                                                                                     Notified Date of Section : 01/06/2016

130. (1) A company shall not re-open its books of account and not recast its financial statements, unless an application in this regard is made by the Central Government, the Income-tax authorities, the Securities and Exchange Board, any other statutory regulatory body or authority or any person concerned and an order is made by a court of competent jurisdiction or the Tribunal to the effect that—
(i) the relevant earlier accounts were prepared in a fraudulent manner; or
(ii) the affairs of the company were mismanaged during the relevant period, casting a doubt on the reliability of financial statements:

Provided that the court or the Tribunal, as the case may be, shall give notice to the Central Government, the Income-tax authorities, the Securities and Exchange Board or any other statutory regulatory body or authority concerned 1[or any other person concerned] and shall take into consideration the representations, if any, made by that Government or the authorities, Securities and Exchange Board or the body or authority concerned 1[or the other person concerned] before passing any order under this section.

(2) Without prejudice to the provisions contained in this Act the accounts so revised or re-cast under sub-section (1) shall be final.

1[(3) No order shall be made under sub-section (1) in respect of re-opening of books of account relating to a period earlier than eight financial years immediately preceding the current financial year: Provided that where a direction has been issued by the Central Government under the proviso to sub-section (5) of section 128 for keeping of books of account for a period longer than eight years, the books of account may be ordered to be re-opened within such longer period.]



 1.Inserted by The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017.  ;- Amendment effective from 9th february 2018