58.  Special provisions for statutory orders pertaining to a period shorter or longer than a year:-

                 Where any order under this Act is being passed in respect of a dealer for a part of a year for any reason whatsoever, then for the purposes of levy of tax or exemption from the payment of whole or part of tax and for any purposes incidental or ancillary thereto, any reference to any specified amount or amounts in any section other than section 3 or in any rule or in any notification issued under this Act in relation to a year shall, for the purposes of such order, be construed as a reference to the said amount or amounts as modified by multiplying each such amount or amounts by a number of which the numerator is the number of months in the period for which the order is being passed and the denominator is twelve :

                  Provided that, where the period includes a part of a month, then if such part is of fifteen days or more, it shall be increased to one complete month and if such part is less than fifteen days, it shall be ignored:

                 Provided further that, where such period is of less than fifteen days, it shall be increased to one complete month.