[See sub-rule (1) of rule 4] OTHER ADNIMISTRATIVE EXPENSES


        (Amount in Rs.)
  Current Year Previous Year
(a) Purchases        
(b) Labour and processing expenses        
(c) Cartage and Carriage Inwards        
(d) Electricity and power        
(e) Water charges        
(f) Insurance        
(g) Repairs and Maintenance        
(h) Rent, Rates and Taxes        
(i) Vehicles Running, Maintenance or Hiring charges        
(j) Postage, Telephone and Communication charges        
(k) Printing and Stationery        
(l) Travelling and Conveyance Expenses        
(m) Expenses on Seminar/ Workshops        
(n) Subscription Expenses        
(o) Expenses of fee        
(p) Auditors Remuneration/ Legal fee        
(q) Hospitality Expenses        
(r) Professional Charges        
(s) Provision for Bad and Doubtful Debts/ Advances        
(t) Irrecoverable Balances written -off        
(u) Packing Charges        
(v) Freight and Forwarding Expenses        
(w) Distribution Expenses        
(x) Advertisement and Publicity        
(y) Others (to be specified)