Section / Rule Number   Content
Act / Rule Name
1 Short Title and Commencement - The Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014
2 Definitions - The Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014
3 Register of Members
4 Register of Debenture Holders or Any Other Security Holders
5 Maintenance of the Register of Members etc. Under Section 88
6 Index of Names to be Included in Register
7 Foreign Register of Members, Debenture Holders, Other Security Holders or Beneficial Owners Residing Outside India
8 Authentication
9 Declaration in Respect of Beneficial Interest in Any Shares
10 Closure of Register of Members or Debenture Holders or Other Security Holders
11 Annual Return
12 Extract of Annual Return
13 Return of Changes in Shareholding Position of Promoters and Top Ten Shareholders
14 Inspection of Registers, Returns etc
15 Preservation of Register of Members etc. and Annual Return
16 Copies of the Registers and Annual Return
17 Calling of Extraordinary general meeting by requistionists
18 Notice of the Meeting
19 Proxies
20 Voting Through Electronic Means
21 Manner in Which the Chairman of Meeting Shall Get the Poll Process Scrutinised and Report Thereon
22 Procedure to be Followed for Conducting Business Through Postal Ballot
23 Special Notice
24 Resolutions and Agreements to be Filed
25 Minutes of Proceedings of General Meeting, Meeting of Board of Directors and Other Meetings and Resolutions Passed by Postal Ballot
26 Copy of Minute Book of General Meeting
27 Maintenance and Inspection of Document in Electronic Form
28 Security of Records Maintained in Electronic Form
29 Inspection and Copies of Records Maintained in Electronic Form
30 Penalty
31 Report on Annual General Meeting
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